Once Bitten

On the way from Kibber to Gette, Spiti Valley, India
On the way from Kibber to Gette, Spiti Valley, India

Ever heard people say –travel is a drug- ?

Here’s why I think so. The two share a lot of similarities. Both show you colours you’ve never seen before, help you see the good in life, get you hooked quickly and helplessly, and most importantly, they help you escape from reality.

Now of course, drugs are no good for you. Real life hits you like a bitch once the effects start wearing off. And you just cannot.stop.taking.them.

Traveling isn’t just meant to make you feel good. Like all junkies, after a point, you crave it to keep sane; to have the infinitesimal sense of normalcy.

A month ago, I quit my job. I had no plans, except one: to take my first (not technically) solo trip. My destination of choice was Ladakh, India. What better escape than the grandiose Himalayas? I was told that I was silly.

Rule no. 1: Don’t listen to people.

For the next month I’ll be sharing my experiences and thoughts and insights into Ladakh.

Stay tuned!

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